Homemade Baconator!

Homemade Baconator!

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Course: Dinner, LunchCuisine: Sandwich, Burger



This easy to make burger rivals that of any fast food sandwich. This take on a Wendy’s Baconator is made with premium ingredients that makes a world of difference. Try this out today!


  • 1 Pound Ground Beef

  • 8 Pieces Thick cut bacon

  • 4 Slices Yellow American cheese

  • 2 Burger buns

  • 4 TB Ketchup

  • 4 TB Mayonnaise

  • 2 TB Butter

  • Salt & Pepper


  • Turn oven on to 350 degrees and let heat up. Cut bacon strips in half and place on parchment lined sheet tray. Place bacon in oven and bake until desired crispness (about 20-30 mins). Remove from oven and place bacon strips on paper towels to help drain grease.
  • Heat cast iron pan on stove till very hot. Takes about five minutes.
  • Form ground beef into 2 half pound burger patties. Slightly larger than the buns you are using. Season with salt and pepper. Spray with pan spray. Lay burgers in cast iron pan and cook till desired doneness. About 5 minutes per side. Just flip burgers once.
  • When burgers are done. Place two slices of cheese on each burger and let melt naturally.
  • Heat another cast iron pan on stove. Butter cut side of bun. Make sure to butter the whole bun. Toast, in pan, cut side down until crisp and browned.
  • ASSEMBLY: On bottom bun, place 4 of the half slices of bacon. Next, place the burger with cheese. Put the next 4 of the half slices of bacon on top of cheeseburger. Put the ketchup and mayonnaise on the top bun. Put bun on top like a hat. It should look like the picture. Enjoy with a coke!

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